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The essentiality and sobriety of Andoni Luis Aduriz ‘s culinary work is definitely amazing. The excessive calligraphy that used to characterize some dishes has disappeared in favor of some formal clarity. There is neither excess nor lack; everything is in the right place. The proposals are equally soaked with balance, measure and audacity. They all reflect an unquestionable argumentation. Every appetizer or small starter always contains palatal subtleties and astonishing taste parameters that could -should- be a bit more expressive.

First of all, the best view of the bay of San Sebastian. Located on the Peine del Viento, right above the Bay of Biscay, it is very busy, so it is advisable to make a reservation and ask for one of the six tables located next to the windows. Then there is the food, another magnificent panorama, in this case of traditional cuisine, a traditional cuisine reinvented. Dishes based on excellent products to which the most current concepts and techniques are applied and which are dressed in the latest fashions. Naturalness, lightness, juiciness, colorfulness… and exquisite refinement. Renewed delicatessen and history.

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An Italian rice, round, a little long, which contains a lot of starch and holds the cooking. We usually use carnaroli (the king ;-), arborio (more common) or vialone nano. You can find it in supermarkets, in Italian grocery stores or on the net. Above all, use it as it is (no soaking in water or rinsing, otherwise you remove the precious starch that will give the risotto its creaminess).

The more tasty and of good quality it is, the better it is, the rice will soak up the flavour. The type of broth chosen will depend on the risotto filling. Meat or vegetable if with a risotto with meat or cheese or vegetables. A broth of fish, shellfish or crustaceans for a risotto of the sea.

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The Ottoman Empire brought rice from Persia to the Balkans.[12] There is a possibility of direct exports from Asia to Europe.[13] But this does not mean that rice dishes existed; Marcus Gavius Apicius himself in his “De re coquinaria” mentions rice as a starch dissolved in water.[14] Rice was commonly eaten as a gruel served with milk (usually goat’s milk) and sometimes used as a medical prescription. Rice was not cultivated in Egypt in large quantities until the arrival of the Arabs.[14] It was mainly imported and was used to make bread along with other cereals.[15] The Italian cook Bartolomeo Bartholomeo was the first to use rice as a food.

The Italian cook Bartolomeo Scappi mentions in his book “Opera dell’arte del cucinare” several recipes for dishes with this cereal. One of those mentioned is Riso a la Italiana prepared with a meat broth, without indicating the final characteristics of the dish. The proliferation of these preparations comes, not from the Moorish influence of Sicily, but from Venetian merchants.[22] This indicates that rice dishes were already popular among the Mediterranean population at the end of the 15th century, beginning of the 16th century.[20] Italian risotto also dates from this period. The ability of rice to “retain aromas” led, perhaps in these early times, to the preparation of recipes with giblets cooked in a broth, in what was called morterol (precursor of today’s morteruelo).[23] Late medieval recipe books begin to mention the preparation of a menjar blanc composed of a mixture of rice and chicken breast.

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